Week 4 - Who is my Neighbour?

Hello everyone,

Last weekend was my neighbour’s birthday and because of everything that’s happening she couldn’t go out and celebrate. So, a few of us who are her neighbours put our heads together and we all came outside into the street at the same time to wish her a happy birthday (we were keeping a safe distance from each other). I made her a card and bought her a present, another neighbour put up bunting on her car and another made us all some apple crumble cake on separate plates so we could take it home to eat.  She really appreciated our efforts and felt very special.

This got me thinking about our neighbours and what, if anything, do we do for them? Which lead me to this sessions theme “Who is my Neighbour” and the story of Good Samaritan.


If you want to look up this week’s story you will find it here in the Bible: Luke Chapter 10 verses 25 -37

Start by watching the story - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLzdQtetedc

Craft Activity

This week we are going to make a chooser (fortune teller)

Click the picture to see & print the template

There are 2 demonstration videos if have a printer click video 1, if you don't click video 2


   Video 1                                     Video 2 (Can you spot the deliberate mistake in this one lol)

Songs & Joining Prayer

Song 1 - Count your blessings - CLICK HERE

Joining in Prayer - CLICK HERE

Song 2 - Samari-friend - CLICK HERE

Print & Do

colouring sheet

Hidden Object Sheet print or complete on screen - CLICK HERE

Crossword Sheet print - CLICK HERE

Think of other ways you can help other people at this time. Here are a few suggestions

  1. Make a card or draw a picture write a short message on it & post it through your neighbour’s door to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  2. Maybe you could give some items of food to the food bank collection next time you’re out shopping? Follow this LINK to find out what they really need at the moment
  3. Or you maybe able to think of something else, share it with us so maybe we can use you suggestions too.


Last Weeks worksheet answers click the word